A little bit about me and this site

Hi everyone and welcome!

My name is Diana and I’ve been english language teacher for a long time. During all this period I was lucky to meet and work with great people who have different professions and spheres of business. That’s why I’ve decided to create my site.

As you know, every teacher during her or his work uses many books and materials. And I’m the same. Over a period of my teaching career I’ve worked out a lot of editions which have both advantages and disadvantages. But they surely have one common thing – traditional approach to learning and teaching.  And I’m an adherent of more simple and interesting method of teaching.

On my site I’ll explain to you all aspects of english grammar and will do this in an easy and clear language. Also you can find here different full topic dictionaries and small vocabularies with the most common words. You can be sure that one day you WILL speak!

I clearly understand that nowadays english is more a necessity than a desire to know foreign language. But I’ll try to do my best to make you feel at least a lit bit of love that I have when I think about this language!

Author: Sinyakova Diana sinyakova.dia@gmail.com